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Tax Law Consulting Services

Authoritative Tax Advice for Attorneys, CPAs and their Clients

Our attorneys and CPA clients rely on our specialized tax services which are not available internally within their firms when they need access to our specialized skills for short periods of time. Most times, it is for a transaction or opportunity that arises with a client of the firm.

This partnership between our firms benefits the client and your firm. The client of the firm gets the benefit of our specialized tax knowledge and the firm gets the benefit of a tax specialist with a wide range of tax experience that their firm may not be able to provide. We have the expertise, drive and capability to deliver exceptional results.

Our founder, attorney Stephen L. Robison, is one of only 19 board-certified federal tax law specialists in Ohio. He spends a significant amount of his time staying informed of the most recent tax trends and changes so that you don’t have to.

Benefits to You:

  • Increase or Enhance the service you provide your client
  • Reduce the time spent researching a topic without the assurance that you came to the correct conclusion
  • Lower your risk of tax malpractice
  • Avoid a new broad array of tax penalties imposed by the IRS on Advisors.

We provide you and your clients with personalized high-quality legal services. We make sure that your client returns to your firm satisfied with our services and your referral to us.

By adding The Robison Law Firm to your team, you are able to choose your level of service:

  • We can advise you privately on various matters.
  • We can conference call a client.
  • We can co-counsel a specific client matter with you.
  • We can represent your client on a special referral basis.
  • Your client will stay your client; we will only act to assist you on the specific matters you bring to our attention.

Additional advantages to you include:

  • Giving your client the most accurate and complete advice possible which helps ensure that your client is satisfied with your services.
  • Being able to keep your client from looking elsewhere for tax advice and help you to attract new clients.
  • Being able to offer a broader range of services to new and existing clients.
  • IRS penalty and tax malpractice protection
  • With most professionals working 50 to 60 hours a week, you don't have time to waste on non-billable tax research. You don't have time to keep up on the latest trends in tax law. We do because that is our business.

We assist attorneys and professional accounting firms with a wide range of tax law matters, including:

  • New Role of Outside Tax Advisor
  • Avoiding General Tax Disclaimers to the Client in Business, Income, Estate, and Gift Tax Planning
  • Second Opinions
  • Review and Assisting in the drafting of Documents
  • Tax Opinions
  • Review of Income, Gift and Estate Tax Returns
  • Tax Preparer as Guarantor
  • Assistance in Civil Audits
  • Assistance in Gift and Estate Tax Audits
  • Section 199 tax audits
  • Assistance in Criminal Tax Referral
  • Representation of Multiple Parties in Criminal Case
  • Administrative Summons Practice
  • Circular 230 Compliance
  • Does Reasonable Cause Exception Apply?
  • FASB FIN 48 and tax uncertainty
  • Sabanes Oxley
  • Tax Motivated Transactions
  • Advisor Penalties
  • Advisor Record maintenance
  • Advisor Reporting Requirements
  • Gross Claims in Tax Malpractice
  • Negligence Penalties
  • Taxpayer Penalties
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