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Tax Practice

Tax Audit Exams & Appeals


When a taxpayer is contacted by the IRS regarding a filed return, or the failure to file, or failure to make timely payment, the taxpayer should immediately engage a tax attorney to protect your rights, and to guide you through the process and to minimize taxes, penalties and interest.


Tax Audit Examination by the IRS

Once a taxpayer is on the IRS radar, one can expect shorter time frames to respond, fewer experienced Revenue Agents and employees to process releases for liens and levies and answer questions. The IRS becomes more focused on identifying issues that represent the greatest compliance risks. Learn More


Tax Appeals

While many clients may think of Appeals solely as managing Appeals for Examinations, in fact, the Office of Appeals handle more Appeals from Collection than Examination. Learn More


Mediation & Settlement

Mediation is not required, and must be agreed to by both parties. The taxpayer and Appeals Officer may request approval of mediation from the Appeals Team Manager. Learn More


Tax Court

Anyone that falls under the jurisdiction of the Tax Court must file a petition to initiate a case. The taxpayer may elect either regular or small tax case procedures. A taxpayer must state in a petition the reasons the IRS has made a faulty tax determination and the facts that support this error. Learn More


Relief from Tax Collection and Appeals

We represent clients in IRS Audit examinations and Appeals throughout the state of Ohio. We work directly with people who turn to us for advice regarding tax audits and appeals, criminal tax issues or tax liabilities Learn More


Foreign Accounts

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Offshore Assets. Due to the perceived lack of attention by the IRS towards funds invested abroad, wealthy U.S. taxpayers with the means to travel freely diverted taxable income into investments with foreign financial institutions, including cash, securities, annuities, precious metals and real estate. This was facilitated by the refusal of foreign governments and Banks to cooperate with the IRS in reporting assets held overseas. Learn More


Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is an agreement between the IRS and the taxpayer to reduce monthly payments. Learn More


Collection Strategies and Defenses

The IRS makes the initial contact by sending a notice of the assessment and a demand for the amount owed. Learn More

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