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Retirement Planning

Ohio Retirement Planning Lawyers

Everyone knows that you can't count on Social Security payments for a comfortable retirement, but what can you do now to ensure a financially secure future?

Planning for retirement can ensure that you have enough money to retire and maintain a comfortable standard of living. We help clients prepare for retirement by offering tax and retirement planning techniques that help clients properly manage and maximize their financial worth.

  1. How and When: We help clients decide how and when they will retire. Often people are so busy managing the present that they haven't given much thought to the future. We will discuss your options and help you begin to assess your values and preferences.
  2. The Tools to Get There: We explain the retirement vehicles that are available and which ones may be most beneficial for you and your specific goals.
  3. Tax Analysis: As tax attorneys, we pay special attention to the tax consequences of your retirement plan and work to maximize your wealth while minimizing your tax burden.
  4. Asset Protection: We work to protect the assets you have worked so hard to acquire.
  5. Adjustments as Needed: As circumstances change, your plan may need to change, too. We will analyze the situation and suggest alterations to keep you on the path toward meeting your goals.
  6. Transfer of Assets: We help retirement plans beneficiaries receive the plan proceeds after the client’s death.

Retirement Planning Choices for Businesses: Should your business have a qualified plan, non-qualified plan or a combination of both? We'll assess your firm's situation and help you select the option that makes sense for you.

Don't put it off any longer. For effective retirement planning advice, contact The Robison Law Firm in Cincinnati, Ohio, today.

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