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Tax Planning


Comprehensive and effective tax planning is a partnership between the client and the tax attorney. It is important to know as much about your goals and needs as possible in order to give the best possible advice. Professional advice is expensive. However, acting without professional advice is even more expensive. To that end, we strive to provide cost effective advice, many times offering fixed fee proposals that you are comfortable with to ensure that our tax advice meets your needs and budget. We apply our knowledge of tax law to a broad range of tax-related questions. We create effective tax planning solutions that help out clients reach their goals, either by working with them directly or by consulting with their established team of advisors, accountants, or attorneys.

Entity Planning. Effective tax planning increases your business cash flow, enhances net profits and creates opportunities for growth while reducing your current tax obligations. We back up our recommendations with tax opinions which protect you from IRS challenge, penalties and interest.

  1. Corporate Tax Planning, whether it is a traditional C Corporation (subject to 2 layers of taxes) or an S Corporation (with its hodgepodge of conflicting rules and regulations), can be safely navigated to ensure the client pays the least amount of tax. The tax planning is in connection with the overall business and personal goals for the client.
  2. Partnership and Limited Liability Company Tax Planning
    We strive to develop the most tax-efficient way to achieve our clients' personal and business goals. Our tax planning attorneys are skilled at identifying our clients' unique needs and goals.
  3. Tax planning for Real Estate Investors & Developers.
    Many real estate investors and developers come into our office believing that economic analysis and financial projections are the driving fiscal concerns in real estate transactions. However, tax can be an equally important factor in whether a real estate transaction will be in the taxpayer’s best interests.

Transactional or "Planned" Tax Planning: Whether you are looking into deferring or eliminating taxes on gains from asset sales, adopting or changing Tax Election, Tax Methods and Tax Years, considering charitable gifts & easements, Estate and Gift Planning, or seeking a solution that will protect you from tax malpractice and/or penalties, our skilled attorneys will structure your transactions correctly in order to achieve your goals.

Tax Strategies to Increase and Shift Wealth instead:

  1. Retirement Planning. Planning for retirement can ensure that you have enough money to retire and maintain a comfortable standard of living. We help clients prepare for retirement by offering tax and retirement planning techniques that help clients properly manage and maximize their financial worth.
  2. Succession Planning & Wealth Transfer. Lack of proper business succession planning can leave family-owned and privately held businesses vulnerable to high taxes, ownership disputes, loss of cash flow, default on loans and potentially business failure when the entrepreneur-owner of the firm retires or dies.

Tax Opinions. Clients use Tax Opinions to: (1) provide guidance to structure a transaction; (2) persuade the IRS at the examination or Appeals level that the taxpayer’s tax position is correct; and (3) protect the taxpayer from penalties and interest if the IRS does not accept the taxpayer’s tax position on the transaction.

Tax Law Consulting Services. From time to time, attorneys and accountants have clients with tax questions that might be outside their firm’s area of expertise. When these situations arise, you can call on the tax experts at Robison Law Firm to provide you with specialized strategies to meet your clients’ needs. Our attorneys stay current on all the most recent tax trends and changes in order to provide the most complete and up-to-date analysis of the law.

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