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Real Estate Investors And Developers

Federal and state tax law divide real estate investors and developers into either passive and active categories, the result of which determines whether the client can offset losses against other income; whether the client is taxed as ordinary income or capital gain on sale or disposition, whether the client can treat the sale as a tax deferred 1031 exchange, whether the client can invest in real estate through a self-directed IRA and whether the client is considered at risk for debt.

  1. Our firm has serviced many clients over the past 25 years who are either real estate investors or real estate developers. We assist with restructuring entities and investments to reduce, defer or eliminate taxes as well as maximize the amount of income that can be sheltered by taking into account tax elections and tax methods designed to benefit real estate investment.
  2. A typical example involves utilizing Section 1031 exchanges on the purchase and sale of real estate assets. Many investors and developers utilize limited liability and partnerships as well as more complex equity structures to develop and own real estate assets. We assist in navigating around rules where not all of the investors desire to exchange assets through Parking Exchanges and Leasehold Exchanges.

Building Strong Relationships

We strive to build strong working relationships with our real estate investor and developer clients, and to understand each client’s unique set of circumstances. Only then can we respond to our clients’ needs with carefully developed strategies for real estate investment and development.

As with all of our services, our firm works with and alongside our professional partners, typically other lawyers and accountants, and represents their clients in real estate investment and development matters which may fall outside of the lawyer or accountant’s area of expertise. Ensuring that we work on behalf of our professional partners, we provide non-compete agreements guaranteeing that we will not represent the client outside of our relationship with our professional partner.

To learn more about how we can be of assistance to you, please contact us today. From our offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, we represent real estate investors and developers throughout the state.

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