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November 11, 2008

Great Risks And Great Opportunities For You and Your Clients

#Tax Advisor, #2008 Archived

Over the last two months, newspaper headlines have recounted successive tragic economic stories. What the headlines often failed to report, were stories about the individual entrepreneur's creative response to capitalism's creative destruction. The past several weeks has brought a parade of businessmen who, given the economic conditions, want to learn how to make lemonade out of lemons.

New Questions. Clients are asking new and different questions that demand a disciplined and focused response. This is a time to take advantage of economic chaos, whether they be exchanges of debt, restructuring assets, restructuring debt, foreclosures or selling a business in uncertain times.

When you hear questions you have never heard before, what do you do? Do you burn up time trying to determine the correct answer? Do you refer the client to another firm or do you try to hire a specialist at any cost? Is there a better way? We have been asking ourselves these very same questions.

A Better Way. Is there a way to provide expert tax advice for complex tax dilemmas without the 'big firm' cost, while satisfying the client's need for certainty and expert advice on complex tax issues? We are convinced that this is possible. We looked at this problem in a new way. We spoke to many attorneys throughout Ohio over the past month and learned a great deal. We learned that while broad tax expertise and reasonable cost was important, commitment to the client's satisfaction, excellent communication and the growth of your firm's opportunities was paramount.

From 23 years of exclusive tax law practice, I know that many client issues can be sorted through in a telephone call. Wouldn't it be a great advantage for many advisors to just be able to make a quick phone call to resolve an issue that the client had no idea how to tackle? Sometimes, clients just want some assurance that they were on the right track.

Cover Miles in Minutes. That is why we decided to launch our new tax law advisory service “Cover Miles in Minutes". Whether it be an individual, corporate, partnership, estate or gift tax planning issue, tax controversies or other tax or business transactions, let us maximize your competitive advantage so you can gain more time to expand your business. To learn more about how to get started, contact us at 1.800.427.7212 or email me at

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